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In 2009, we pioneered and built a online network called HFIN One. It improved how people, information and technology in the $3 trillion hedge fund industry came together. One big effort to solve massive pain points and improve capital flow.

As the network grew, investors were all too often meeting investment firms with severely undeveloped brands. We witnessed just how much messaging and branding affected purchasing behavior in the investment industry too.

We had something extraordinary to offer. We could apply our branding, technology, marketing and industry expertise to help investment firms catapult their businesses and growth.

HFIN Creative was born.

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HFIN Creative is led by creator and innovator Eric Slaim. Eric has been dedicating his 20 years in the investment industry toward helping people and businesses, including his own, become brand-driven organizations. Not just because he likes to, but because he knows that companies that dedicate their existence to building their brands, not just their products, have better chances for becoming giants.

Seeing just how much first impressions, customer experiences and buzz drive customer behavior in the investment industry too, he's long believed that tremendous opportunity waits for those firms willing to rise above the status quo and focus on becoming a brand. HFIN Creative was built to help them do it.

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